Internship: “Autonomous surface water drone system development”

Internship: “Autonomous surface water drone system development”

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With this internship assignment we want to realise autonomy on our C-DRONE. Our C-DRONE is an unmanned vessel that can sail a track of predefined waypoints. But to allow it to operate unsupervised, e.g. autonomous, it needs to avoid obstacles such as other ships. We are looking for a student to realise this functionality.
Autonomous navigation in the marine industry is an upcoming market. Remote controlled survey vessels operate nowadays on a 24h basis all around the globe, and the first unmanned cargo vessels are under construction. MARIN is actively involved in the development of regulations and training of autonomous systems, and has a number of unmanned vehicles build to test and evaluate novel concepts:

  1. The C-DRONE, a 1m remote monitored vessel designed to measure wave height and current at sea
  2. The MV Auris, a 6m RHIB that can be controlled from a shore control station, and has sensors for autonomous sailing (Radar, Lidar, IR camera’s, AIS)
  3. The mAUV, a 3m autonomous underwater vehicle with sensors for underwater navigation and communication and advanced levels of motion control

The C-DRONE is ideally suited to test novel concepts such as path planning, collision avoidance or autopilot controls. Due to its size it is safe and easy to deploy and operate.
The internship will focus on converting the C-DRONE to a fully autonomous vehicle. This involves controlling the boat by means of a dedicated companion PC and equipping the boat with a range of sensors for collision avoidance such as a Lidar and stereo cameras. You will select, install and interface sensors for collision avoidance and remote monitoring and interface the existing autopilot to ROS (Robot Operating System, Via the MARIN shore control station you will test and evaluate your work by extensive testing both indoor and outside in the Rhine or at sea.

The duration of the internship is 4 to 6 months. The start date of the internship can be discussed.
Candidate profile
University level 3rd year apprenticeship in Electrical engineering, Robotics, Computer science, Information Technology or similar.
Department and supervisor
You will execute your internship at the Performance at Sea department of MARIN. For more information please contact Thijs Hasselaar, or +31 317 49 3224.

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