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Biomimetic Propulsion Performance Prediction Method Development

Small Underwater drones with biomimetic propulsion are becoming rapidly more interesting for several investigation applications in rivers, harbours and coastal areas, e.g. measuring pollution, noise and hostile activities. Manufacturing cost are decreasing, while their potential for increased temporal and spatial sampling of waterways is beyond current state of art, especially in a swarming approach.
This study deals with the goal of understanding the propulsion system of such drones and developing an engineering prediction model, that can be used to predict the propulsive performance during the design phase. It should be able to address topics like tail shape, tail size and include interaction of the tail with the body (motions). Validation with measurements may be part of research, besides study of the literature and establishment of the engineering model.
During the study use can be made of an existing data set of foil experiments. MARIN performed performance tests with a vertically mounted foil (see experimental setup below). Several foil paths were investigated, forces measured and efficiencies calculated. This dataset provided insight in the effectiveness of foil propulsion. However an in depth analysis of the time dependant behaviour of the system, understanding force dynamics, looking at amplitude and phase, is still to be done. Although the tested foil is different from the foil of the underwater robot the student can take up the time dependant analysis and use the outcome in setting up the abovementioned engineering model.

The internship is for the duration of 3, if desired up to 6 months. The start date of the internship period can be determined in consultation with the supervisors.
The profile

  • Bachelor or Master student in Naval Architecture, or related applied science.
  • Interest in new propulsion concepts and hydrodynamics

Department and supervisor
During the internship you will be connected with the department Ships of MARIN. The supervisors for this internship, Frans Kremer, Christian Veldhuis and Louis Rueda are working as Senior Project Managers at the Ships Department.
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