Internship/ thesis project: “Optimisation of process conditions at the new MARIN facility”

Internship/ thesis project: “Optimisation of process conditions at the new MARIN facility”

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We are looking for a suitable candidate for the following internship/ thesis project titled:

“Optimisation of process conditions at the new MARIN facility”

A unique Multiphase Wave Lab (MWL) is being established by the Sloshing of Liquefied Natural Gas (SLING) research project to examine sloshing impacts in LNG tanks. SLING is a major public-private cooperation that has been created through the NWO ‘Perspective Programme’. The SLING consortium comprises the technology foundation NWO, four top Dutch universities, representatives from the LNG, shipping and shipbuilding industry, engineering companies and MARIN.

Figure 1. SLING consortium

The MWL is a new facility built at MARIN to understand sloshing at a fundamental level by studying wave impacts at different conditions in a tightly controlled environment. This environment, housed within a 15 m long * 2.5 m diameter autoclave, consists of test conditions ranging from 15 – 170 °C, a pressure of 0.005 – 8 bar(a) and gas composition consisting of precisely controlled mixtures of helium, nitrogen, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and/or steam, the liquid being water in all cases. A test tank, with a wavemaker and an impact wall at either ends, is positioned inside the autoclave. Supporting the autoclave are the gas and liquid systems, that supply the gases and water respectively to and from the autoclave, as well as the heat and cool system that regulates the temperature of the controlled environment. The facility and its main components is shown in Figure 2.
Creating repeatable and accurate test conditions is a necessity for the MWL facility, and in order to generate this, a greater understanding of the facility is required at the fundamental level. This would involve the better setting of parameters (such as gas pressure or cooling water temperature) that influence the conditions inside the controlled environment, as well as the effect of the environmental conditions on these parameters. This would involve firstly an understanding of the physical process and therefore studying parameters such as flow rates, heat transfer amongst others.
This will result in an overarching mathematical model for the facility, which will benefit in the precision of the test conditions. The model is expected to be developed at the first principles level as well as a data driven model. The fundamental analysis performed as a result will then be used to optimise the test sequences at the facility.

Figure 2. Main components of the Multiphase Wave Lab

The student will be supervised through the following tasks:

  1. Familiarisation with the MWL and the existing test results.
  2. Definition of the approach towards creating the model
  3. Validation and refinement of the model
  4. Optimisation of test sequences for the MWL

The duration of the internship is for 6 to 9 months. The start date of the internship period can be determined in consultation with the supervisor.
Candidate Profile

  • Undergoing studies at University in Mechanical or Process Engineering or related fields
  • Background in programming such as MATLAB or Python
Department and supervisor
During the internship you will be connected with the Trials & Monitoring (T&M) department of MARIN. The supervisor for this internship will be Vladimir Novakovic.

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