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Master Thesis: “Modelling of towed transports”
SafeTrans (link) is an engineering tool for heavy cargo transportation and it calculates amongst others transportation times and design values to be used for the design of seafastening. One of the transportation options are dry and wet tows. For this purpose both the tug and the tow are modelled in SafeTrans. Also the towing line is modelled together including the expected loads in the tow line (mean load as well as dynamics). The present towing module is not always working properly. The following items are anticipated within the research:

  • Literature research on towing
  • Prepare a number of benchmark cases for different towed transports and different towline particulars (including towing with multiple tugs)
  • Describe how the present towing module is working (and were it fails)
  • Describe and compare low fidelity solutions like a simple catenary line and high fidelity tools like time domain simulations
  • Recommendation on the updated towing module to be used in the next version of SafeTrans

The internship is for the duration of 9 months. The start date of the internship period will not be before September 2020 and can further be determined in consultation with the supervisors.
The profile
Bachelor or Master student in Naval Architecture.
Department and supervisor
During the internship you will be connected with the department Ships of MARIN. The supervisor for this internship, Rob Grin, is working as Senior Project Manager/ Teamleader at the Ships Department.
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