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Master Thesis: “Ship vulnerability to broaching-to in following seas"

When sailing in the same direction of the waves, as for example when returning to port during a storm, vessels experience difficulties in steering and are vulnerable to dangerous dynamic instabilities. Broaching-to, or simply broach, is a well-known instability event that typically occurs in rough following and stern-quartering seas. The ship suddenly loses her course, turning in yaw due to the action of the incoming waves despite the maximum steering counter-action of the control devices. Medium-small size ships such as small frigates, fishing trawlers, rescue and supply vessels, high-speed craft, are the most vulnerable to this phenomenon. Bonci [1] in his doctoral thesis demonstrated that the manoeuvrability qualities of a vessel can play a determinant role in the inception of such dynamic instability. The results of the research were obtained in deterministic scenarios (regular waves), and they must still find a broader validation in realistic irregular sea states. The objective of this upcoming research is the estimation of the vulnerability of the vessels with different manoeuvrability characteristics and control devices configurations in irregular waves.

Picture taken from: https://www.nzgeo.com/stories/the-moaning-of-the-bar/
The vulnerability will be evaluated using the guidelines and recommendations contained in the 2nd Generation Intact Stability Criteria developed at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) [2]. The behavior of the vessel will be simulated by the time domain, potential flow panel method Panship, developed by MARIN and very suitable in the study of ship motions in waves. The outcome of the research will help on different levels designers, researchers and operators to reduce the risks that ships experience in following seas.
[1] Bonci M. The Manoeuvrability of High-Speed Craft in the Following Sea, Ph.D. Thesis, Delft University of Technology, (2019) https://repository.tudelft.nl/
[2] Bonci M., Renilson M., De Jong P., Van Walree F., Van’t Veer R. On the direct assessment of broaching-to vulnerability of a high speed craft, 13th International Conference on the Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles (STAB 2018), Kobe, Japan, (2018) https://repository.tudelft.nl/.
The internship is for the duration of 9 months. The start date of the internship period can be determined in consultation with the supervisors.
The profile

  • Master student in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering.
  • Interest in ship hydrodynamics, motions and stability.

Department and supervisor
During the internship you will be connected with the department R&D and Ships of MARIN. The supervisor for this internship, Dr Matteo Bonci, is working as Project Manager at the Ships Department.
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