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For MARIN Academy we are looking for a student for the following MSc internship/assignment:
The safety of Inland Waterway shipping

The Netherlands has a dense network of inland waterways. To reduce the amount of trucks on the motorways the Dutch government aims at using inland waterway vessels to transport cargo from the main ports to the hinterland. However, increasing the number of vessels has also an effect on the safety of inland waterway shipping. For this reason MARIN and Rijkswaterstaat are developing a safety model for inland waterway traffic. Recent accidents with cruise vessels and the accident at the weir at Grave show that accidents do happen frequently.
The objective of the internship is to co-operate on the development of a methodology or model to compute the probability of accidents on Inland Waterways. It should be possible to compute the probability of ship-ship accidents, groundings and collisions with hydraulic structures, e.g. bridges, locks and weirs.
The internship can focus on the following subjects:

  • Statistical analysis of accidents on the Dutch Inland Waterways. This can be done by analysing the SOS database or using available literature.
  • An inventory of existing models and/or modelling techniques;
  • Develop a simulation or computational method to compute the probability of accidents;
  • Further analysis of the consequences of accidents.

The internship is for the duration of 6-12 months. The start date and length of the internship can be determined in consultation with the supervisors.
We are looking for a motivated independent student, who is eager to learn and who is fascinated by the safety of Inland Waterway Transport. You have an interest in the physics and mathematics behind this type of problems. More specifically, we are looking for a Master student in Naval Architecture or Civil Engineering.
Department and supervisor
During the internship you will be connected with the department Maritime Operations of MARIN. The supervisors for this internship, Yvonne Koldenhof and Jos van Doorn are working in the Department Maritime Operations.
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