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For MARIN Academy we are looking for a student for the following MSc internship/assignment:

Tuning seakeeping calculations from model test results of motor yachts
MARIN has a wide database of yachts, due to the long experience in model tests and numerical calculations. The information in the database is used to compare new yacht designs with previous ones in order to give the client a grasp of how his vessel performs when compared to other similar vessels. Whenever model tests are done, numerical calculations are tuned based on model tests results so that the responses of the ship at different conditions can be obtained. Being able to obtain the ship responses at different conditions as the ones tested allows for a more meaningful comparison of the seakeeping performance between different yachts. The tuning process makes use of the roll decay tests and the roll response in irregular wave tests, if available. This process can be quite time consuming as it usually done manually in a try-and-error iterative procedure.
The goal of the project is to develop an automatic process that uses the information available from model tests to tune the roll damping in numerical calculations.
The proposed work has the following main targets:
Target 1: research of projects that could provide good material for the database, evaluation of the material and collection of data.
Target 2: Develop a python routine that reads the available results from model tests (decay tests and responses in irregular seas) and stores them in the database.
Target 3: Develop a procedure to take into account the damping of active stabilizer fins at zero speed based on an already existing python script.
Target 4: Develop a python script that runs SHIPMO calculations and tunes them based on the data available from model tests.
The internship is for the duration of 9 months. The start date of the internship period will not be before September 2020 and can further be determined in consultation with the supervisors.
The profile

  • Master student in Naval Architecture, or other applied science.
  • Interest in hydrodynamics.
  • Knowledge in programming language (preference Python)

Department and supervisor
During the internship you will be connected with the department SHIPS of MARIN. The supervisor for this internship, Jaume Hernandez Montfort, is working as Project Manager in the Yacht Team
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